Welcome to we're glad you are here and we're glad you found us. Here is where you start Suboxone treatment in the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere that you have your smartphone or tablet.

Your initial visit is only $179.00 for the first month and after payment and your appointment most patients get their prescription the same day*

SUBDOC.US | Telemedicine with Suboxone

Getting started here is simple, inexpensive and easy. Our providers have been helping folks just like you get back to living a normal life without having to travel miles and wait.

Just click or tap the registration square at the bottom and throughout this page fill in your information and you’re on your way.

Your initial visit is only $179.00 and subsequent visits are $149.00 on a monthly basis or $89 every 2 weeks depending on the schedule that suits your lifestyle or needs.

Our team is here to help you 7 days a week. Most patients receive their medication after completing the intake process the same day depending on the pharmacy as well as the time of your visit.

*(Payments made before 5 PM EST)

Telemedicine has come a long way in the past couple of years and during the pandemic: Telehealth “OLD SCHOOL”

Most people are now comfortable using their phone, computer or tablet with zoom or other HIPAA compliant platforms. Telemedicine with Suboxone can provide a low-cost, user-friendly program that allows you to live a normal life.

We know that life is often chaotic whether it’s work friends family or finding a babysitter. This is part of the reason we created SUBDOC.US. Now you can use telemedicine from whatever private location you are in that has a good Wi-Fi or cell phone signal.

Let’s get started right now and get you back to feeling better. If you are currently utilizing Suboxone from another provider and would like to become a patient of ours let us know that.

Make sure that you have finished the forms online and one of our staff or providers will reach out to you in a timely manner.

Please make sure that you’re adequately informed, and have become familiar with the website. It is best to understand from the start what is expected of you and what the requirements for treatment in the program are as well.

Suboxone is a form of Medication Assisted Treatment or (MAT) that helps many people lead normal lives. Let's get started right NOW and fill out the forms online, right here and we'll get going as soon as everything is in place. This is all done for the use of your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

How hard is it to get started with your program at SUBDOC.US?

Our program is very simple, just fill out the forms understand that what we do is for your benefit, you may be asked a series of questions as well as need to provide some basic documentation to sign prior to starting. Generally the entire process can be done very quickly.

A working email and phone number is essential to the program. We will need you to be in a private environment once your visit starts with a good signal.

After completing your online registration and payment your request to call back from us at SUBDOC.US and One of our intake specialists or providers will talk to you and get you started. Prescriptions are sent electronically only to the pharmacy of your choice.

Now let’s get you on your way without even having to leave home or work for your appointment.

You probably realize that many patients pay $400 or more a month for this kind of service and have to travel many miles to do so. Often one of the first questions we get is with regard to the cost of our program here at SUBDOC.US.

Will my insurance cover this??

Good news! Most insurance companies will pay for your prescriptions. We keep our costs low here at SUBDOC.US by not engaging with the processes of dealing with health insurance companies at the present time. Often, the cost of care with us is less than what your co-pay might be.

Quality Care should be affordable and that’s our goal with regard to keeping our prices low. This is why we are on a cash basis only.

Want more good news? Another fantastic benefit of working with us at SUBDOC.US is that once you are stable and have been a patient for 12 months the monthly cost of the program will drop to $129 per month so long as you follow your treatment plan and there are no issues. We know that these are hard times for many folks so it is important to make your treatment affordable. We really do want you to pay as little as possible for your treatment and staying stable should be one of your goals as well.

What about your registration process?

The registration process at SUBDOC.US is simple for most folks like you. If you need help during the process you can ask one of our care coordinators when they return your initial contact by email or telephone.

Congratulations! By contacting us here at SUBDOC.US you’ve just taken your first step in the program. Now it’s time to take action, this is the second step. Just complete your online registration process answer a series of questions provide the necessary documents, review them and sign them. The process takes most people about 45 minutes. And even better you can do this through your smartphone computer tablet from the comfort of your own home office or private space.

What happens now that I've completed everything?

After completing the registration process and getting payment, you will need to request a call back from us here at SUBDOC.US just let us know a good time to reach you, and next, one of our intake specialists or maybe even a provider will call you directly. We do our best to get to you within 24 hours or less. Very often if it is early enough in the day, you may even be able to get your prescription the same day.

What personal information will you need to get me started?

The initial information we need to get started is basic. We will need to know about you and everything you need to know about us and the medications we use as well as our expectations of you. First, we will need some simple background information. We will need your full name, a recent picture, copy of your state ID, current address, your date of birth and drug use history, with addiction, treatment, Suboxone, medical, surgical, family, psychiatric, and legal history. There are two documents for you to review in detail and sign. These may seem long and tedious, but, these important documents often called a narcotics agreement and an informed consent documents are imperative to have in place before treatment starts with us here at SUBDOC.US.

I have never used telemedicine before what should I expect?

The first thing you should expect from us is that you will be treated with respect and we expect the same. Like all relationships this is two way and like all relationships it is based on trust. In a word you make a contract to be honest with us we’ll make a contract to be honest with you.

With regard to telemedicine, it can be extremely convenient once you’re used to it. That said dropped calls and technical issues do arise due to the technology we are using. When any kind of challenge presents itself will try our best to work around it and we expect you to do the same.

Cooperation is the name of the game. With regard to medically assistant treatment or mat we expect you to do your part as well.

Let's get started with your treatment now. We want to help get you back on track. Let's start treatment and get you back to feeling normal and get your life on track.

What about drug screening how is this accomplished through telemedicine?

State and federal regulations require drug screens to make sure that you’re staying with the program and complying with the requirements of the program. This is the same for pill counts as well and these go directly into your medical record in the privacy of your own home.

With regard to prescribing Suboxone if you are new to this then we will do what’s called an induction. If you have been on Suboxone before we are willing to keep you at the same dose provided it is at 16 mg or less daily.

We want you on a good and stable dose so that you can keep your life on track. If you need to take more than 16 mg a day or if you are insistent on having straight buprenorphine better known as Subutex then this is not the program for you.

In all cases, we followed the guidelines set out by the DEA and FDA with regard to medications. To be very clear there is only one situation where we prescribe Subutex without the addition of naloxone making it Suboxone. This is for women that are pregnant and can provide evidence from a provider.

What about other medications I may be taking?

From the start, we will let you know that we do not prescribe benzodiazepines for our patients. As per FDA guidelines, there’s a well-documented risk of harm or death if you take these together. You have probably heard this before but if you have not this is a fair warning for you and you are accepting responsibility if you continue taking these medications. Please understand that if you are currently utilizing other medications, like benzos, we will ask it to the best of your ability you titrate down. We understand that many patients have been on benzodiazepines for many years and that this may be one of the hardest things to do.

If you have another prescriber who is writing these medications we want to make sure that they know that you are in our program.

If these medications are absolutely necessary and not being abused we have no intention of withholding your treatment.

Part of our job is to make sure you’re educated with regard to the rest of interactions between certain medications and also how those medications would react with Suboxone. Understand very plainly that the rest is on you not us.

Other medications such as methadone can be changed to Suboxone. This is likely to be one of the hardest things that you would ever have to do and in general we do not recommend it on a home basis.

What happens if the medication that I'm on is stolen lost or misplaced?

Keeping track of your medications is your responsibility. Medications that are missing lost or stolen will not be replaced. You’re asked and you are required to keep your medications in a safe place preferably locked and protected. Another issue that patients do encounter is that younger people or others who may want your medication are willing to do almost anything to get it so don’t let anyone know you have it.

Treatment should be readily available – World Health Organization